What’s My House Really Worth?

The current market offers a lot of dimension to that question.

Most people are aware that we’re in a seller’s market where the seller of a property often gets what they want.  This seller’s market has come about because of low inventory.  There’s just not a lot of houses for sale.

While inventory is an important driver of prices, it’s not everything.  For example, you can’t put a $200,000 house on the market that needs $100,000 in repairs and sell it for $500,000.  There are limits and there are many factors that determine price.

At Realty Executives Capital City, we have the years of experience in the Madison area market to accurately calculate the value of your property.  Knowing what factors to use and how much importance to give each determines price.

Don’t be fooled by “instant calculators” online; they attempt to find comparative properties (comps) in your zip code, and they can be wildly inaccurate.  Comps are important, but many other things need to be taken into account to accurately value your property.

Let Kat Tell You

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The more you share with Kat, the better the results will be.  You can provide only the information that you’re comfortable sharing, and she will still get you a good in-the-ballpark valuation.


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