What’s My Home Worth?

If you’ve been looking, you’ve likely found places that will give you an “instant valuation” of your home.  Regrettably, many people think that this is providing an accurate picture of their home’s value.  It’s not.  At best, these “valuations” are doing a quick check of possible comparable properties and creating an estimate based solely on those perhaps not-so-comparable properties.

There are so many factors beyond simple comparables that play into valuation that no software program could take into account all the nuances.  Your agent has years of experience and the human connections that allow him or her to take into account today’s market conditions, changing neighborhood values, and countless other considerations that make up a professional comparable market analysis.

As we sit here today; right now in this moment, there is just no substitute for knowledge, experience, and the legwork necessary to get an accurate assessment of the value of your home.  Don’t fall for the quick-and-dirty tactics; they can be, and frequently are, very wrong.

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